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Carpet cleaning – carpet cleaning services

Bring us your favorite carpet, rug or wall carpet and you will get a quality clean service at an affordable price. After the cleaning, your carpets will get back their best shape. Save your family from the undesirable dust and mites.

Carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning (deep cleaning, dry cleaning)
Carpet repairing (seaming, fringing, size correction)

Carpet cleaning

We have special carpet cleaning machines which can remove dust and dry your carpet faster to guarantee you the best result. Above one m² we send your carpet to our partner. If the carpet is smaller than one m² we can do the cleaning in our shops. (continue to list of shops)

Carpet repairing

If the fringe of the carpet is damaged or torn we can fix it. We can repair the aged or worn fringes too. After we removed the old fringes from the carpet we attach new fringes to it and resew it with a thread that harmonizes with the colors of the carpet.

Information about your rug

We provide carpet cleaning within a short time if you submit the order in a Top Clean or Ametiszt dry cleaner. Please inform us about the special parameters or the antecedents of the carpet. Just the regularly cleaned carpets can be cleaned properly. Please measure your carpet in advance or make sure that the size label is visible on the back of the carpet.
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Carpet cleaning information

Dust and mite removal

We clear away dust mites and contaminations with a dust removal machine combined with vibration technology.

Carpet preparation, stain removal

We prepare the carpet by hands and with a special manual brush. We use several detergents for stain removal.

Carpet surface and deep cleaning

This process is completed with a computer-controlled deep cleaning washing machine with a multiphase wash-out. We wash the carpets with high-pressure jets. The last step is the rinsing and the manual drying.

Personalized carpet cleaning

If you choose this solution we will do everything for the successful cleaning with our special detergents and methods. This manual process is recommended if you have an antique or handmade carpet.

Antiallergic cleaning

We remove the dust mites and their feces from the carpets. With the use of several chemicals, we disinfect it.

Centrifuging and drying

We put the carpets into the dryer machine separately, then dry the carpets on various temperature always based on the material. We dry it in a few hours in a closed system.
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Cleaning shops

Allee dry cleaners
Budapest, Váli utca 3.

Campona dry cleaners
Budapest, Nagytétényi út 37-45.

Pólus dry cleaners
1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 131.
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