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Top Clean - Ametiszt cleaning services are offered under the above brand names with our nationwide chain and full scope of services both for our retail customers and corporate partners.
Dry Cleaning
BioClean - Wet Cleaning
Stain removal
Upstanding improvement
Dyeing - Leather Cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Textile dyeing
Small repairs, sewing
Hotel service
Beyond retail services, the above services are offered to companies, too. These services are typically required by hotels, pensions, restaurants and companies where wearing uniforms is obligatory. (See detailed information under item “Offers for companies”.)
In addition, our Company sells textile cleaning accessories – hangers, trouser strips etc. – and we are also marketing the textile cleaning products and additives of the world’s leading German company – BÜFA – as sole representative in Hungary. Our partners in this field are typically dry-cleaners, textile processing and confectioning factories etc. (See detailed information under item “Offers for companies”.)
You may inquire about our prices on the phone in our shops or find the relevant information in the description of the shops. The phone numbers and prices are given in the shop descriptions. Select from the list of shops the shop you wish to find more information on. See List of shops or select by search the shop you wish to sight (search by name, address etc.)

Allee Cleaning Shop
1117 Budapest Váli u. 3.
Phone: +36-1-883-8470

Campona Cleaning Shop
1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 37-45.
Phone: +36-1-424-3187

Sugár Cleaning Shop
1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 24.
Phone: +36-1-469-5336

Technical Manager
Mr. Attila Saskőy, Supervisor
Phone: +36-30-9322-001

Human Manager
Mr. Mihály Miknyóczki, Supervisor
Phone: +36-1-301-0393

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TOP CLEAN Hungária Kft.
1112 Budapest, Ütköző sor 6.
Phone: +36-1-227-5648
Fax: +36-1-227-5851

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