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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

GYIK – Gyakori kérdések és válaszok

What is the difference between BIO CLEAN and wet cleaning?

  • Lower mechanical pressure
  • Textile protection
  • Lower water level
  • Bigger machines
  • Special drum
  • Longer smoothing time
  • Programed dosing technique
  • Special, natural liquid detergents
  • Hypoallergenic cleaning
  • Cleaning of bio textiles
BIO CLEAN is environment-friendly and protects the textiles. Choose this delicate method and make your favorite clothes more durable.

Until when can I ask for a fast cleaning service?

You can request it until 2 hours before closing in our salons

Is it possible to request the dyeing and cleaning of cotton?

The pH of cotton is 5, similar to the human skin, therefore - like our skin – cotton also does not tolerate high temperature, base or acids. It is possible to clean cotton, but we have to be very careful to clean it delicately. However, it is not feasible to dye it, since cotton it does not tolerate mechanical and chemical effects.

Can I request ironing only?

Yes, for 50% of the cleaning price.

How long do sewing and small repairs take?

It usually takes 3-5 days in Budapest. Our sewing service is made by a sub-contractor. Our colleagues are professional textile cleaners but not sewing specialists. The final evaluation of sewing is made by a professional colleague, who is also happy to help you with your questions.

Where are the extra fast dry-cleaners?

You can request an urgent cleaning service in the following units:
Budapest: Allee, Campona, Sugár
Countryside: all the big cities have one of these units

How and where are the carpets cleaned?

Our carpet cleaning service is made by a sub-contractor in Budapest. There are not enough space and equipment in our units for the cleaning. The cleaning time depends on the unit’s distance from Budapest, therefore please request information in the selected unit in person or on the phone. You can find the phone numbers in the shop description. Go to the shop list…

Where can I find the closest unit to me?

You can sort the units by category or location in the shop list.

What kind of additional service can I choose?

You can choose from a big variety of services, like sewing, small repairs, carpet cleaning, refitting, impregnating, leather cleaning and dyeing, motorcycle clothing cleaning, etc.

What does hanger discount mean and how can I get it?

We can only take the hangers back which are not damaged and we can make sure that the hanger is from one of our units. We can take in 1-3 hangers at once and give you 100 HUF coupons for them. We offer free cleaning for one garment for bringing back 25 hangers. We cannot give you cash for the hangers.

What kind of special clothes can be cleaned?

We provide cleaning services for gowns, cassocks, visibility and motorcycle clothes, etc.

What does unique provision and cleaning without warranty means?

We only clean clothes without labels with no warranty. The professional knowledge of our colleagues is the assurance that your garments will be cleaned in the best way possible.

Where can I find the prices?

You can find it in the description of the selected shop.

How much time does it take to clean the garments?

See in Pledge policy Art. 7. The extremely contaminated textiles or the ones require delicate cleaning usually cannot be cleaned within 1-2 hours, because only basic cleaning services can be provided within this time.

Why should I choose BIO CLEAN for suits?

With delicate cleaning, the mechanical effects are reduced which means that the rev is lower than in a typical washing, which does not allow the textile to stretch and wrinkle. The rinsing happens in a bigger place which also prevents wrinkling, and the process is also chemical-free and environment-friendly.

What kind of discounts are available and where can I find them?

You can read about them online in “Special offers”, or get more information in the shops from posters or ask our colleagues.

Where can I find the phone numbers and contact details?

You can find it in the shop description. For business partners, it is under business solutions.

Is there an extra charge for urgent cleaning?

No, there is no extra fee!

Why do I need to remove the buttons?

Nowadays producer companies follow the textile care code less strictly, the labels they put on the clothes do not always suggest the proper cleaning for the accessories on the textile. If we recommend the customer to remove these from the clothes, it is because we have experience with the accessories that can damage the textile or fall during cleaning. The removal is only necessary in 10% of the cases, however, it is always for your interest.

What is the difference between a jacket and a spring coat?

We always follow your opinion when we determine the type of your clothes. We usually also consider the style, sewing, fabrics and the location of the pockets.

Should I clean certain clothes at home or should I always choose professional service?

The clothes what has tried to be cleaned at home are usually harder to clean professionally since people do not generally know the chemical and mechanical characters of their clothes. Today, it is easy to get advice online, however, always consider the price of the new item if you do not manage to clean it and it gets damaged. Please ask our colleagues for professional advice before start cleaning your items at home. As an example: the labels in a feather coat allow us to wash it at home, however, they do not mention that if it is not dried properly it will stink. We have a lot of customers with this problem, who do not save money on cleaning, because we have to wash it again.

Also, households do not have the proper drying machines and professional washing machines (what has bigger drums, capacity and drying programs).

What can we not clean?

Our technology can be used for the cleaning of garments; therefore, it is not possible to clean a big portion of clothes at once, nor hygienic cleaning. We provide services for household textiles, curtains, carpets, leather items, and special motorcycle clothing.

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