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Impregnating is a special method when the textile is soaked or saturated with a substance in order to change its characteristics (e.g. to make it dust-and waterproof). The textile with its new characteristics will be much durable. We call impregnable materials the textiles that have a certain structure which enables impregnating.

How can I get this service?

You can request it with any kind of cleaning service. It has to be requested together with another cleaning service and you can ask for it in all of our units.

Advantages of impregnating

  • The material becomes dust-and waterproof
  • The material will become more resistant against water and contaminations

Sports and Outdoor clothing

Sports and outdoor clothing require special cleaning treatment in order to keep their waterproofness over time. Conventional detergents can easily dissolve the waterproof layer; however, some clothes can be dry cleaned without any complications. To get reliable information about your clothes, it is important to check their label first. We suggest you to clean your sports and outdoor clothes with us and ask for the impregnating service. This way your clothes will keep their waterproofness for a long time.
Impregnálás, waterproof

How frequently should I ask for impregnation?

It depends on how often you use your clothes, but generally, it is recommended to repeat the impregnation once or twice a year. We suggest you ask for impregnation with each cleaning session in order to improve the waterproofness and the breathing ability of your clothes.

What kind of clothes can be impregnated?

All kinds of outdoor clothing what can be cleaned and its waterproofness helps to protect the material (coats, jackets, overalls, trousers, sports clothing).

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