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Ironing is a time and energy consuming process. In case of a bigger laundry, ironing can take up to 3-4 hours, not to mention that some fabrics can only be ironed with special tools.

At TOP CLEAN all of our cleaning services include ironing, to provide all-inclusive cleaning experience for your comfort. Choose our all-inclusive cleaning service and have time for more important things in your life. You can find our units in most of the shopping centers.

Advantages of ironing

Shape-retaining – Color protection - Less chance for pilling

Is it possible to request only ironing?

Yes, for the 50% price of the full cleaning service of your item.

The history of ironing

The earliest version of iron is from the age of the Chinese Han dynasty, which was filled with hot sand and coal. It was decorated with dragon items which were the traditional items at that time.
An early version of ironing can be also discovered on a Greek vase from 540 BC. It is decorated with women who are stretching white


Early mushroom-shaped glass irons were found in the graves of Vikings. From these examples, we can see that ironing was used in different ages in various parts of the world. It is because ironing developed differently worldwide.

Our advice

Today, irons and steam irons are parts of the modern household. Firstly, it is important to check the label of your clothes to get to know the characteristics of the fabric you are going to iron. Secondly, we suggest you to turn your clothes inside out and iron the inside only. This way the fabric will not be damaged. Ironing always requires some wetness, so it is not recommended to iron your completely dried clothes. Start ironing when your clothes are still a little wet, and check again when they are dry. Our colleagues are happy to help you with your questions about ironing and also offer professional ironing service in our units.
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