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Leather cleaning and dying

Did your leather jacket become worn out and oily? Bring it to one of the TOP CLEAN units where we clean and dye leather, velour and fur coats within a short time.

What colors can my coat be dyed?

The coat can be dyed its original color or one shade darker. We use high-quality paint for dying, therefore the coat will not harden after.
Bőrtisztítás és színezés

Leather dying

The main difference between dying and coloring is that when a coat is dyed we use paint to create one or more color layers on the fabric, while coloring means we put the paint in the leather. Coloring does not cover the leather as much as dyeing.

Leather jacket repairs

  • Reparation of tears
  • Reparation of cracks

Leather jacket alterations

  • Leather jacket fitting
  • Changing the length of the sleeves
  • Repairs or changing of the cuffs
  • Changing of the collar
  • Changing of the lining
  • Changing of the buttons
  • Cutting off the length of coats and trousers
Bőrkabát átalakítás

Types of leather

Velour – Split Grain leather – Suede leather – Napa leather - Sheepskin


Sheepskin is a natural pelt which has suede leather on one side and soft wool on the other. We provide cleaning only for light colored sheepskin and dyeing services for dark colors (e.g.: dark blue, brown, etc.), however, the damages on the leather will not disappear.

Pigskin leather

Pigskin is a rough, spongy leather which is easily recognizable from the pattern of the hair pores. It is a quite sensitive leather; therefore, improper cleaning can cause irrevocable damage. It requires regular cleaning and conditioning since it dries out and cracks quickly. If it has already happened, it is not possible to make them disappear neither with cleaning nor with dyeing. We only provide cleaning services for combined color pigskin leathers without warranty, since the colors can easily converge.

Calfskin and Cowhide leather

Thick leather which has soft, plush hair on one side. Hair pores are not that visible as on the pork skin. To see the services we provide for calfskin and cowhide leather, please check pigskin leather.
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