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Motorcycle clothing

Leather and textile motorcycle clothing

We provide professional cleaning services for armored leather and textile motorcycle clothing.

Do I need to remove the armor pads from the clothing?

You do not need to remove the armor pads before cleaning. We use a special cleaning method for the cleaning of motorcycle gears. Firstly, we remove the dust, bugs and other contaminations. After the basic cleaning process, we impregnate the clothes to create a protecting layer. This makes the quality more durable and the clothing more visible which makes riding safer.


After the cleaning process, it is important to impregnate the clothing in order to protect the quality, to keep contaminations away and to keep it waterproof.

Motorcycle accessories

We also provide a cleaning service for motorcycle gloves.

How to protect motorcycle clothing from fading and leather from drying out?

  • With Frequent cleaning
  • With special impregnation layer
  • With the reparation of damages

How much time does it take to clean and impregnate motorcycle clothing?

  • Budapest: 1-2 weeks
  • Countryside: 2-3 weeks

How frequently should motorcycle clothing be cleaned?

  • In the beginning or end of each season
  • In the case of damage
  • If it becomes less waterproof
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