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On our Company

Our Company opened its first shop on 9 September 1994 in Budapest. The operation experiences of 30 years of an internationally recognised German company and the accumulated knowledge of Martinizing, an American dry-cleaning chain with 80 years’ experience and 4,000 operating units were brought to Hungary under the brand name TOP CLEAN. Our Company uses the chemical agents of the world’s leading German company BÜFA  for cleaning. In the spring of 1995, BIO CLEAN the cleaning process developed by the companies MIELE-KREUSSLER was exclusively introduced in Hungary by us for the sake of supporting sustainability and health protection. This innovative process was truly world news in the field of textile cleaning. The so called cleaning in this form is exclusively applied by our shops in Hungary.
By today, our Company has grown into a nationwide chain. Nearly 60 units (shops and pick up locations) are operating throughout Hungary, where even cleaning services with 1 or 2 hours’ deadline are available. Our services are adjusted to the customers’ needs. Complex care of textiles and additional services have been introduced, thus granting comfort and protecting health of our customers, gaining their loyalty at the same time. CINET recognized this by adjudicating to Top Clean Hungaria Kft. in 2014 the European Award of “Best Practices Textile Cleaning”. The cleaning system introduced under the name of TOP CLEAN offers a comprehensive service provision, quality assurance, health protection and loyalty program, unique on the domestic market, mainly without extra charge, as basic service, covering the following areas:
    • Dry cleaning of outerwear

    • Laundry
    • Stain removal
    • Ironing
    • Impregnation
              • Stretching
              • Carpet cleaning
              • Cleaning and dyeing of leather
              • Textile dyeing
              • Small repairs, sewing
              • Ironing
              • Hotelservice
            Cinet Professional Textile Care
            European Award of Excellence TOP CLEAN
            Comité INternational de L'Entretien du Textile /
            LCN November Issue CINET page / LCN novemberi számában CINET oldal /
            Comité INternational de L'Entretien du Textile

            Allee Cleaning Shop
            1117 Budapest Váli u. 3.
            Phone: +36-1-883-8470

            Campona Cleaning Shop
            1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 37-45.
            Phone: +36-1-424-3187

            Sugár Cleaning Shop
            1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 24.
            Phone: +36-1-469-5336

            Technical Manager
            Mr. Attila Saskőy, Supervisor
            Phone: +36-30-9322-001

            Human Manager
            Mr. Mihály Miknyóczki, Supervisor
            Phone: +36-1-301-0393

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            TOP CLEAN Hungária Kft.
            1112 Budapest, Ütköző sor 6.
            Phone: +36-1-227-5648
            Fax: +36-1-227-5851

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