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Our refitting service can be used on all kind of fabrics, therefore is offered for all garments.  Refitting not only gives back the shape of your clothes, but the fabric will keep the shape longer and the touch of your clothes will feel like the new.

What kind of garments should be refitted?

Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Skirts, Shirts, Vests, Coats, Jackets

How can I get this service?

You can request it with any kind of cleaning service. It has to be requested together with another cleaning service and you can ask for it in all of our units.

Advantages of refitting

Shape-retaining – Wrinkle resistant – Dust- and contamination resistance – Less chance for pilling

Tartásjavítás szolgáltatás felsőruházatra

The treatment for suits

Due to wearing it too much and other factors, suits will lose their shape over time. There is a thin glue layer in the inside of the suits which will slowly blister off and stop keeping the shape of the suit. In order to keep the shape of your suit we suggest the following:
Tartásjavítás szolgáltatás felsőruházatra

How to store and wear the suit

Do not wear the suit every day, let it rest to regenerate. Use a wide hanger to store, at least 4 centimeters wide. Only use the garment bag for transportation, do not keep your suit in a bag all the time. Always use moth repellents in your closet, even if you are not aware that you have moth.

How to clean the suit

Suits look the best ironed, however, we do not suggest you to get rid of the wrinkles at home, simply because it is easy to iron the contaminations into the fabric. Always use a steamer to eliminate the wrinkles and only do it on an already cleaned suit.

You can ask for ironing only in our units, however, we suggest you to clean your suit with us, because of our professional services and refitting. Refitting gives back and keeps the shape of suits, blazers, coats, and trousers. This method not only makes the textile dust-and contamination resistant but also prevents blistering off.
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