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Top Clean Pick up - Lurdy Ház

Pick up locations
TOP CLEAN textile cleaning
Address: Lurdy Ház
1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:30 - 20:00
Saturday: 9:30 - 20:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
dry cleaners: within 24 or 48 hours (on workdays) at pick up.
Payment possibilities: Cash, bank card
Phone: +36-1-210-0591
TOP CLEAN Ruhatisztító Lurdy Ház
Quick service without extra charge
For our customers’ comfort, dry-cleaning of clothes are offered without extra charge.

Women’s and men’s clothes:
Suits, trousers, silk trousers, shorts, jackets, silk blazers, blazers, skirts, pleated skirts, miniskirts, vests, quilted vests, vests of artificial fur, cloth caps, gloves, neckties, silk ties, neckerchiefs, scarves, stoles, short and long coats, light coats, trench coats, artificial fur coats, trench coats with fur lining, leisure clothing, leisure trousers, feather coats, ski jackets, ski anoraks, ski suits, dresses, evening gowns, coveralls, silk coveralls, gowns, cassocks, pullovers, angora and cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, other women’s blouses, shirts, T-shirts, work clothes.
Community transport
Bus: 1, 153, 281, 901, 918, 937,
Tram: 1, 2, 24, 37,  51, 51A, DH

Price list of the Cleaning Shop

Traditional cleaning
Shirt/blouse ― 880 Ft/pc
Trousers cleaning 1770 Ft/pc
Skirt cleaning 1770 Ft/db
Jacket, Woman jacket cleaning 2200 Ft/pc

Winter coat (long) cleaning 3300 Ft/pc
Popelin coat cleaning 3300 Ft/pc
Feather coat (short) cleaning 3500 Ft/pc

Curtain cleaning 2200 Ft/kg
Blanket simple cleaning 2500 Ft/pc
Blanket douple cleaning 3500 Ft/pc

Carpet cleaning 2200 Ft/
Woolen carpet cleaning 2500 Ft/kg
Sensitive cleaning
Shirt/blouse ― 1100 Ft/pc
Trousers cleaning 2500 Ft/pc
Skirt cleaning 2500 Ft/db
Jacket, Woman jacket cleaning 2900 Ft/pc

Winter coat (long) cleaning 3700 Ft/pc
Popelin coat cleaning 4400 Ft/db
Feather coat (short) cleaning 4500 Ft/pc

Curtain cleaning 3300 Ft/kg
Blanket simple cleaning 3500 Ft/pc
Blanket double cleaning 4900 Ft/pc

Evening dress cleaning 7000 Ft/db
Wedding dress cleaning 9900 Ft/pc
Top Clean prices: Prices of are specified in Hungarian Forints, including the applicable VAT. Subject to the type of service, the units of measure are: pieces, kg, m or sq.m. The document is consisted of several pages. Please move the mouse over the document and you can browse between pages of the price list by clicking the arrows at the bottom. If you cannot find the price of your interest, please call us on the Shop’s phone number and our colleagues will be pleased to provide you the required information.

Lurdy Ház TOP CLEAN Dry cleaning service information

Dry cleaning of garments - BIO CLEAN - Laundry - Stain removal - Ironing - Impregnation - Upstanding improvement - Carpet cleaning - Cleaning and dyeing of leather - Textile dyeing - Small repairs, sewing - Ironing
One-hour service is available for traditional cleaning and garments in our salon on weekdays from the first hour after opening to the first full hour before closing. Specifically, this deadline is not valid for BIO and Extra way cleaned garments. One-hour quick service means that the committed item is ready for the end of first straight hour. The delivery time for pick-ups is one business day if the goods to be cleaned have been accepted before the actual delivery date. The 24-hour service applies to the clothes delivered at the place of delivery prior to the fixed delivery date. Finished clothes are ready on the next business day after the acceptence date.
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