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Cleaning technologies

Health protecting cleaning technologies

Traditional cleaning

Traditional cleaning does not use water as a solvent, but chemicals (PER). This technology is similar to the cleaning of a domestic washing machine, but the clothes are cleaned in among chemicals, not just in water. We use the most modern machines (5th generation) where all the cleaning steps happen from rinsing to drying in the same machine. There are several gentle cycles, so silk and wool can also be cleaned with it since water does not touch the clothes, wrinkling can be prevented. There are a few exceptions what cannot be cleaned with traditional cleaning methods, like textiles containing PVC or polyurethane, because the detergents can dissolve these, therefore can only be cleaned with BIO CLEAN. For further information, please ask our colleagues.

BIO CLEAN (wet cleaning)

In this process, we use water as a solvent and your items will be affected with less mechanical and chemical factors since the technique of the machines and the detergents are for gentle cleaning. This technology was first used by MIELE-KREUSSLER in 1991. We recommend you to choose BIO CLEAN if you would like to protect the environment, you have some kind of allergy, or you would like to protect your clothes, especially if they were made with OEKO-TEX process. It is also perfect for the cleaning of baby and children clothing, cuddly toys, and home textiles which touch your skin frequently (like wool blankets).

The advantages of BIO CLEAN (other than environmental friendliness):

  • Almost neutral detergents – hypoallergenic
  • More effective cleaning – fresher, natural scent
  • More vivid colors
  • Less fading

Cleaning of OEKO-TEX fabrics

ÖKO-TEXOEKO-TEX fabrics do not contain any chemical which can be harmful to your health, does not contain heavy metals or any chemicals which can cause cancer or allergies. In order to keep these characteristics, they can only be cleaned with BIO CLEAN, since chemicals will harm the textile. Please always check the label on your clothes before start cleaning them. BIO CLEAN is not only recommended for the cleaning of OEKO-TEX products but to all kinds of textiles, since its completely chemical-free and hypoallergenic.


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