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Advantages of laundering

Fast process - Gentle technology – Environment-friendly – Large capacity

Wash symbol  (Mosás jelképe a teknő)

The bucket filled with water is the symbol of washing. The number in the bucket or the underlining shows the maximum washing temperature and that that the martial requires gentle cycle. Check the labels on your clothes in order to be able to select the best cleaning cycle on your washing machine. The signs on the labels are always for household washing machines and always take water as a solvent. For more information please contact our colleagues.

Washable fabrics

All the items what our colleagues choose to wash.

Laundry processes

Distribution / Sorting / Pretreatment or Stain Removal / Laundering / Drying / Ironing-Steaming / Folding-Refitting / Packing


curtains, bed linen, napery, towels, underwear, jelly roll rugs, coats, feather coats, shirts, T-shirts, leisure clothing, cuddly toys, blankets, furniture covers, sleeping bags, ski overall

The history of laundry

Laundry – the washing of clothing – exists since man started to use textiles for clothes. The development of laundry happened parallel with the appearance of various kinds of clothing.

The ancient Romans discovered that urine helps to clean textiles because it has ammonium hydroxide in it. They collected urine and washed the clothes with treading. Soon, the demand for urine rose quickly. Titus Flavius Vespasianus Roman emperor saw the opportunity in it and imposed a Urine Tax. The famous saying, “money does not stink” is originated from him. Leonardo da Vinci also worked on the automation of washing: a drawing of an early washing machine was found among his notes.

Significant change only came in the 20th century when washing machines started to appear on the market. Basically, a washing machine does what women did before, who sat on the bank of the river, put the already wet clothes on a flat stone and beat out the dirt from them with a washing paddle. Beating moved the water through the textile which carried dirt with it. Today, the washing machine does the same with a more modern technique: the drum spins with a high speed which makes the water spinning with it. The clothes are much heavier than water, so they spin slower. The water with the dissolved detergent in it flows through the textile which carries out the dirt from it. It is more convenient to use the washing machine after soaking the clothes, because the detergent attracts the dirt molecules to itself, so the machine only gives the modern way of beating.

This is why cleaning in a washing machine is basically just rinsing. There is another kind of washing machine that does not spin the water, but shakes it, which makes this process more similar to the beating. Although, it is a gentler way of washing and makes the clothes cleaner, the structure of it is more complex which makes this kind of machines more expensive.
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