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Our cleaning services offer possibility to clean the full clothing. For the comfort of our customers, garments cleaning is undertaken with short deadlines.

Cleaning Terms:

  • 1 to 2 hours in our shops
  • 24 to 48 hours at pick up locations (on workdays)

Our cleaning service covers the whole range of garments.
Cleaning of women's and men's clothing

Women’s and men’s clothes:

Suits, trousers, silk trousers, shorts, jackets, silk blazers, blazers, skirts, pleated skirts, miniskirts, vests, quilted vests, faux fur vests textile caps, gloves, neckties, silk ties, neckerchiefs, scarves, stoles, short and long coats, light coats, trench coats, faux fur coats, trench coats with fur lining, leisure clothing, leisure trousers, feather coats, ski jackets, ski anoraks, ski suits, dresses, evening gowns, overalls, silk overalls, robes, cassocks, pullovers, angora and cashmere sweaters, blouses, silk blouses, shirts, T-shirts, work clothes.

Underwear cleaning¹:

All underwear items that can be cleaned based on hygienic aspects.

Accessory items’ cleaning²:

Aprons, baseball caps, belts, bowties, gloves, scarves, neckties.

Traditional cleaning

Dry cleaning, which is at present the most widely used cleaning method. A chemical solvent, namely perchloroethylene is used for the cleaning process. The machines used by us are suitable both for cleaning and drying and are of the newest, 5th generation type.

BIO or wet cleaning BIO CLEAN

The BIO CLEAN process implies a cleaning method that uses water without any chemicals as solvent, with exclusively natural base matters as additives. The cleaning machine used by us has special mechanics and control and is provided with dosing system. It basically applies ramming technique and is based on the MIELE-KREUSSLER procedure patented in 1991.

Beyond using an environment-friendly process, the advantages of BIO CLEAN (bio cleaning) against chemical cleaning include:

  • nearly neutral, chemical action - allergy-free
  • better cleaning effect – a more fresh, natural smell
  • more vivid colours
  • less fading

¹ Cleaning can only be undertaken in our shops provided with special machines
² Deformation may occur during cleaning of accessory items
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Cleaning shops

Allee dry cleaners
Budapest, Váli utca 3.

Campona dry cleaners
Budapest, Nagytétényi út 37-45.

Pólus dry cleaners
1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 131.
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