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Quality assurance label

The safety coveralls require quality assurance label, which contains the regulations and warranty information. You can find it in the text of 4/2002 (II.20) SzCsM-EüM Regulation, however, this provides important information mainly for the manufacturers. For customers, it can be useful to know that the “EK” symbol (which starts with “CE”) means that the safety clothing item meets the requirements of the regulation mentioned above, therefore it enables safe work and also protects from unexpected accidents.

Product safety

The customer protection regulation gives information about the health and safety protection of the customers. Only safe products can appear on the market. The manufacturer needs to assure the safety of its product. The regulations can be found among laws, international regulations, EU regulations, and domestic regulations.
The Hungarian regulations for dangerous textile products can be found in regulation 44/2000. (XII. 27.) EüM KöM and MSZ EN 14682. You can also find detailed information about safety regulations of child clothing, and the mechanical regulations of twines in child clothing in the regulations above.
The regulation also mentions the chemicals which cannot be used on textile products or the usage is restricted.
The indication of prices, packaging, and the violation of information provision
The manufacturer needs to provide information about the price of the product, unit price, price of the service according to the specific regulation (Regulation 4/2009.(I.30.)NFGM-SZMM) in HUF written clearly and visibly.
In the case of more selling price or the price of the service, the price mentioned is always the lowest.
The packaging of the item should always protect the quality, make the transferring easier and do not affect the quality or the quantity, help to provide modern service and meet the requirements of the health protection regulations.
To inform customers, meet the packaging requirements, labeling, instructions booklet, quality assurance label is the responsibility of the vendor, while the manufacturer is accountable for mentioning prices. If the manufacturer does not provide this information, the vendor must do it. The vendor must prove it that he gave the pricing information.

Managing quality complaints

Even with the most careful production mistakes can occur. We suggest to our customers to be very careful when buying a new product. Please also keep your receipts, because you cannot validate your quality complaint without it. You should keep the information sheet for customers, too, since it can contain important information about textile care.
You can find information about production mistakes and warranty in the Code of Civil Law. Textile products have 2 years of warranty. In the case of a complaint, we need to bring back the item to the store we bought it with the original receipt.
The vendor needs to make a report about the complaint according to Regulation 19/2014. (IV.29) NGM. If the damage of the clothes is reported within 6 months, the vendor should assume that the mistake had already been made when it was bought. The distributor must prove that the mistake could not occur while producing, otherwise, he must offer complimentary repair or the changing of the item within 15 days. If this does not happen, the customer can ask for a discount or ask money back (it cannot happen if the mistake was minor). If the distributor does not recognize the mistake, he must prove that it was not there before buying the item.
If the distributor does not recognize a mistake what has been reported after 6 months from buying, the customer needs to prove that the mistake was already there when the product was bought.
In all cases, a report has to be made when someone issues a quality complaint.

The report needs to contain the following:

  1. the name and address of the customer
  2. the name and price of the product
  3. the date of buying the product
  4. the date of issuing the complaint
  5. the description of the problem with the item
  6. the preferred compensation of the customer
  7. the way of handling the complaint
If the 6th and 7th point differ, evaluation is also needed in the report. A copy of the report has to be given to the customer.
If the distributor cannot give an immediate evaluation of the preferred compensation of the customer, it has to be made within the following 3 days.

The validation of Consumer Laws

Other than the governmental and magisterial consumer protection, municipalities, civilian consumer protection organizations, and civil interest representation organizations also have significant roles in the case.
The Arbitration Board has the most important role among these, which follows the EU regulations. This organization is active since 1999 in Hungary among economic bars. Its task is to find a way to solve cases between economic organizations and consumers before the case gets to court. The Arbitration Board gives an alternative, therefore, we do need to choose the long and expensive court process, however, is not known by many.
The specific Arbitration Board which gets the case depends on the home address of the consumer, or where the contract was made.
Changes in Consumer Protection Laws from 1st of January 2017
The National Consumer Protection Organization will continue its work within the Ministry of National Development.

The role in consumer protection grows among local municipalities, in the following areas:

Ministry of National Development: Price information control
Control of the opening hours
Control of the consumer complains registry
Supervision of complaint handling
Supervision of the existence of the textile care code
Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium
You can find the list of supervision organizations in our shops.


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